Wedding planner ruins couple's special day

Wedding planner ruins couple's special day

Doing your research is vital when planning anything, especially a wedding. 

Female wedding planner taking notes
Female wedding planner taking notes/Pexels

Being a wedding planner comes with a whole host of responsibilities that can sometimes be stressful. 

Which is why we know that it takes a super organised and extremely pedantic person to fulfil this job. 

But like any service, wedding planning comes with a portfolio of work, a level of professionalism, and recommendations are part of the game. 

Sadly, this bride did not do her research properly and paid the price with a badly-behaved wedding planner. 

The bride admittedly hired a wedding planner that turned out to be more of a problem than a help at the wedding. She turned to Reddit to share her disappointing story. 

The planner was responsible for setting up the intimate backyard wedding, which included decor inside the tent, flowers, cake, the aisle, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. 

But the bride and the groom, his mom, the bride's family all came together to help the planner because she needed help - leaving them working on their big day. 

That set the tone for the rest of the day, which was riddled with poor service and bad behaviour. 

"“My bouquet was not what I had requested. The arch was not decorated fully (because of not enough time). She provided servers, but one was caught stealing food and party favours.”

Over and above poor service, the wedding planner’s behaviour was atrocious.

“A lot of our guests saw that she was drinking and dancing with guests.

"To make matters even worse, she even made out with one of the groomsmen." (MSN)

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Get this though, the wedding planner is married! Can you even imagine?!

The bride paid $5,000 (R85,734) for the wedding planner's services and has requested at least half of that money back, considering she did not deliver and ruined the wedding. 

But she has yet to hear back from the planner. What's worse is that the planner is blatantly using the wedding snaps to market her services on social media. The nerve!

The bride ended off her rant by warning other brides. “Please, please do research on your wedding coordinator.” (MSN)

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