WATCH: A woman is shunned for wearing a bikini... in Hawaii!

WATCH: A woman is shunned for wearing a bikini... in Hawaii!

A woman holidaying in Hawaii was enjoying the sun at the beach when she was confronted by a family. The mom gave disapproving looks before sharing that she is not happy with her attire...

WATCH: A woman is shunned for wearing a the beach!
TikTok Screenshot/@savysimsyo

Holidaying in Hawaii is a dream for many of us. We can just imagine ourselves lying on the beach, soaking up the sun's soft kisses of warmth, hearing the waves crash, and then, boom all of a sudden you hear someone ranting...

This is what we expect happened to TikTok user, Savannah Sims, who shared a video on her TikTok of her bizarre experience.

Watch the video below and you will see that Savannah is not having a very 'mahalo' experience in Hawaii after she is basically told to leave the beach because a woman and her family don't want to see her "lady parts". 


🙄 Ik tourists can be a lot when you live in a ##hawaii , but keep in mind that the world isn’t yours, it’s to be shared ##sharing ##fyp ##respect ##love

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The woman was not happy because of Savannah's swimsuit and she made it known in a very abrupt way. We're wondering if this is a territorial issue, did this woman feel like she had dibs over the beach because she is a local? Mmmm...

Which leads us to the question? Would you tell a stranger that their swimsuit is inappropriate at the beach? Take our poll at the top of the page and let us know. 

In a time where we are introduced to nudist beaches and freedom of well, pretty much everything, why is wearing a swimsuit at the beach not acceptable? We think that Savannah acted amicably by leaving because had she stayed, would she really have enjoyed the rest of her beach day? 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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