WATCH: Vic Naidoo's hype person has got to be Miss Stacey Norman...

WATCH: This toddler has a "hype boy" in his kindergarten class

We've all got that one person we can call on who always has our back, that person that cheers for you even when you can't cheer for yourself. 

WATCH: A toddler has a "hype boy" in his kindergarten class
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When it comes to feeling pumped and taking on the day's challenges, sometimes we just need that one person to lift our spirits. More often than not it's that one friend that you can always count on, that one that forces you to see the light amidst all the darkness. 

It can be draining to have to be self-motivating all the time, so when we have that one "hype" person, we take them by the hands and the knees and hold onto them really tightly. 

When we saw this video, we thought of our team and how they can be so supportive of each other. It's a rare occasion when you can find a person who can blow your horn without malice and be completely genuine. 

We have genuinely experienced the kindness between the team from all facets of the station. Part of it has to do with the innocence that comes with being kind, and the rest can be attributed to the unique senses of character and personality that the team possess. A true reflection of who you are can be so inspiring and, who knows, it could even help someone out there who really needs to hear or read something inspiring. 

On that note, we wanted to share something inspiring and funny with you. Earlier this week, Reece Maharaj from PMB showed us the beauty in a child's innocence and this video shares that and so much more with us. 

This little hype boy is the ultimate example of that one person who you can always call on and rely on to be there for you. Check out this video of the main man and his hype boy doing their thing at kindergarten level...

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