WATCH: These twins want to marry the same man... again!

WATCH: These twins want to marry the same man... again!

These twins do everything together - and were even married to the same man for nine years!

Siko twins on Twice as Bold
Siko twins on Twice as Bold/YouTube Screenshot/@DStv

It comes as no surprise to us that twins generally want to do certain things together - especially when they are young. 

Many say it is a shared intuition thing, where they are very much connected to each other. Safe to say if you are not a twin, you won't get it. But these twins are taking things to the next level as they embark on their reality show mission. 

Finding a husband that is happy to have both of them as his wives...

"For 31 years, Gauteng twin sisters Olwethu and Owami Siko have grown so accustomed to sharing everything in their lives that they even married the same man." (IOL)

The twins were married to the same man for nine years and even mothered two children with him, who happen to be just two months apart in age. 

They are both divorced from their first husband, and now they are determined to find a husband who will ask for both of their hands...

"The 13-part series will ultimately answer the central question of the show which is, 'Will any man put a ring on both their fingers, or will the sisters have to accept what everyone is telling them – that it’s time to live separate lives?'” (IOL)

WATCH the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube

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The twins have shared that their marriage and motherhood journey has strengthened their bond as twins. 

Goes to show that sometimes in life, twins are happy to share everything as long as they are doing it together...

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