WATCH: Christian Eriksen collapses mid-game on Saturday evening: "We got Christian back", says Denmark doctor

WATCH: Terrifying moment Christian Eriksen collapses during EURO match

During the Denmark Euros 2020 football game on Saturday Christian Eriksen is seen falling to the ground, eyes wide open and unresponsive.

WATCH: Christian Eriksen collapses mid-game on Saturday evening
Instagram Screenshot/@a.c.milanitaly

When we think about football players or any athletic sportsperson, we automatically associate them with being healthy and fit, right? Not so much. It seems that the ideology behind what we see as healthy can be questioned. 

This happened over the weekend when we saw Danish Football mid-fielder, Christian Eriksen fall to the ground in the middle of the match between Denmark and Finland. 

The moment was nothing short of horrific and terrifying; even his teammates didn't even think anything of it at first. 

Then viewers watched it all unravel on live television. His team are seen surrounding him whilst the paramedics are trying to resuscitate the popular footballer.

The team was distraught and understandably so. It was later revealed that Cristian Eriksen suffered from cardiac arrest and, according to the doctor, had stopped breathing for some time. 

Watch the video footage below of the heartbreaking moment everything unfolded.

(Video Courtesy of YouTube):

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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