WATCH: Table for one - is eating alone really looked down upon that much?

WATCH: Table for one - is eating alone really looked down upon that much?

A TikToker allows us to embrace taking ourselves out for a meal...

WATCH: Table for one, is eating alone really looked down upon that much?
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Self love should be a prerequisite to each day that we have been gifted. We are sad that many people have not been taught that from a young age. And, honestly, it could very well be the reason for things such as hate crimes, bullying, judgement, war, and even suicide. 

These are bold claims, especially without any science backing it up, but that's the point, we are trying to make the point that if we all were exposed to healthy mental and physical regimes as kids, perhaps we would all be kinder and more understanding to each other. 

When it comes to promoting self love, many people use their social media to share inspirational quotes, stories, and overall content that may help someone online. But sometimes the best way to share is by being honest and sharing your uniqueness. 

Traditionally, that has worked online and is one of the key reasons that people go viral. When something is authentic and has value, then people want more of it, and that's the type of social media we love to consume. 

Mental health has always been a real struggle but only in recent years has it become something that society has started taking note of. For whatever reason that is, we don't care, just as long as we can acknowledge that we are all more similar that we care to admit. All we all need is to feel valued, to feel loved, to feel wanted and accepted wholeheartedly. 

Jamel Star, as he goes on TikTok, is one person who has managed to shine the light on the concept of self love. His method is by delving into self love through food, and having some quality time with yourself. There are many people who embrace alone time, it is considered to be nourishing and super good for one's energy levels. 

But not everyone feels that way, there is a stereotype attached to eating alone, specifically. It's almost as if we learn things the wrong way around and have to unlearn before starting afresh. This is something that Jamel is highlighting, that eating alone and treating yourself to a date is absolutely normal and acceptable. 

More than that, he is putting the spotlight on things like being okay one day and then feeling down the next, and that is absolutely okay. People have come through commenting on his videos appreciating his honesty, it makes them feel less alone. 

For instance, check out the below video (courtesy of TikTok):

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His posts are getting people talking about mental health and that's what we need more of, especially because we are all so consumed by social media that we forget to actually be social in reality. 

One person came to his post saying: "Hey bro, it's my birthday, august 12th and lemme just say I've been doing good but this birthday wasn't the best, and that's ok, because sometimes we need bad times to get the good ones, and the fact you just smiled at that there is still hope." 

While another person wrote: "Thank you for always expressing your truth. It reminds me I'm not abnormal for feeling similar feelings. Thank you Thank you."

I went to get pancakes by myself today 🥞 ##date ##happy ##food

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