WATCH: Surely 'how to handle a live wire' was covered in electrical 101?

WATCH: Surely 'how to handle a live wire' was covered in electrical 101?

Mum and dad always said don't touch electrical wires...

A man is working on a live wire
A man is working on a live wire/Reddit Screenshot/@u/I_Love_Small_Breasts

We're no experts in the world of electrics, the part where you are required to touch live wires anyway. But even we know that you don't touch exposed wires. 

This man, who seems to be contractor, is shown working on a ladder with an exposed wire protruding from the ceiling. It seems to be taking place at a restaurant. The video is taken by one of the customers seated at a booth nearby. 

Now you know that when it comes to things like this, many people use others' incompetence as a reason to take out their phones and film. The right thing to do would be to perhaps tell him to be wary of the 'live' wire situation, because he clearly isn't trained. 

But then we wouldn't have something to learn from, would we? 

Check out the video below. Courtesy of Reddit

The comments section was on electric! Too soon? 

Check out some of the comments below, courtesy of Reddit:

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You can say that again...

This wasn't just stupid but completely irresponsible.

Hopefully he is okay and learns from this very silly mistake. 

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