WATCH: Spanish golfer hits what many are calling the greatest hole-in-one ever!

WATCH: Spanish golfer hits what many are calling the greatest hole-in-one ever!

It might seem like some kind of magic, but it's 100% real.

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Now you might be wondering how a golfer could possibly use any amount of water to their advantage, whether it be big or small.

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But apparently, with enough skill, and maybe a little bit of luck, you could use a pond, lake, or dam to get yourself a hole-in-one.

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And you will be in awe when you see exactly how it happened.

Have you ever sent a rock skidding over the water? It takes a lot to get more than a few rocky jumps, but sometimes you might get a five or six.

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Now take that technique, apply it to golf, and you find the incredible trick that Spanish golfer Jon Rahm was able to pull off (on his birthday no less).

And once again: not only did he get a very rare hole-in-one, but he also skipped a ball across a pond to do it!

Watch the moment right here:

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Sports fans, golfers, and every other person who has seen this clip is still finding it hard to believe

There are even claims that it could possibly be the greatest shot in the history of sports.

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It's definitely in the top five, and we would love to see someone try to do better.

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