WATCH: Man decides to take a rest on bed display in store and things go terribly wrong!

WATCH: Man decides to take a rest on bed display in store and things go terribly wrong!

Not all displays are real, honey...

Man climbing onto a bed display at store
Man climbing onto a bed display at store/Twitter Screenshot/@romanbuso21

Home decor shopping is the best. We love walking into a store and seeing what the display people have come up with. 

Not only does it present a way of dressing up the merchandise, but it also provides customers with a visual on how you could essentially mix and match the items to create something you like. 

But as you know, shopping can get tiring. And so it helps if between purchases you could take a short nap.

Only in an ideal shopping world, right? 

In the real world, this is not something that shop owners or malls implement or even think about. 

Perhaps they should. Especially after this embarrassing video of a man in a home store caught everyone's attention on Twitter. 

The man is seen walking up to a bed display in the store. And as he knocks off his sandals, and climbs up onto the bed, things take a turn for the embarrassing. 

He lies down and immediately the 'bed' falls into pieces. Here's the thing, the bed display wasn't actually a real bed. 

It was a prop that was used as a bed to show off the bedding and cushions the store is selling. 

For the record, had he called ECR for #EveryCallerWins, he could have won R10,000 and bought his own bed instead of having to use a display☎️

If you're here, it also means that you figured out the clue, and spotted the 'phone emoji' for your chance to win R5,000☎️

Here's what you need to do in order to qualify to win R5 000 in cash:

  1. Vote in the poll below the emoji that pops up
  2. Wait for the pop-up entry form after you have voted
  3. Enter your details
  4. Click 'Submit'

Good luck!

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