WATCH: The literal version of 'the dog ate my homework'

WATCH: The literal version of 'the dog ate my homework'

That look of dismay though...

Dog bites passport
Dog bites passport/TikTok Screenshot/@iambiem

That age old excuse about the dog eating your homework has a whole new meaning with this video. 

A video shows a woman walking with the camera zoomed on her chewed up passport towards a door. 

With the text on the screen reading: "Flight in two hours..." 

The passport looks in bad condition, but luckily it still looked like a passport. 

It seems the damage was only to the corner part of the book. As she approaches the door and opens it, she zooms in on her furry friend, her pet dog. 

The culprit...

WATCH the look of guilt on his face below. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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