WATCH: Couch shopping turns into blind date with cute guy

WATCH: Couch shopping turns into blind date with cute guy

Could this be a real-life romance novel?

Couch with cushions in living room
Couch with cushions in living room/Pexels Website

Dating stories have got to be fun and engaging, and when it comes to telling the story on how you met, this one has got to be iconic. 

A woman shared this story on TikTok and it really got us thinking about how chance encounters could be the answer to finding your person. 

After getting her own place, she went couch shopping with her mother one day. Whilst sitting on a couch that she liked, a couple approach her asking if they can try the couch out too, as they were looking at it for their holiday home.

Then things got interesting.

They formed a connection and it so happens that the couple have a son who is single. The mom pulled out her phone and showed her pictures of her son.

Her mother and her have such a pleasant conversation with the couple that she feels happy to share her name and number with the mother...

Boom. Date night sorted with what she calls, "cute guy". 

WATCH the documentation of her account below. Courtesy of TikTok


wish me luck

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Of course, after she posted the video, which got over 3.6-million views, many people were invested. 

So she did a pre-date and post-date video mash-up and here it is...

Courtesy of TikTok

@josieehart Reply to @aileenchristineee ♬ original sound - Josie Hart

Then it was a happy ending but not the fairytale kind...

Josie Hart decided that there wasn't going to be a date number two. 

Not because he wasn't a great guy, but more because she had been through a tough break-up and didn't want to carry that baggage into another relationship. 

We think that choosing yourself is always a great thing to do. Self love and healing is more important than living up to what your followers thrive on.

WATCH her explanation video below, courtesy of TikTok

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