WATCH: Content creators disappointing people on TikTok with their fake airport 'meet cutes'

WATCH: Content creators disappointing people on TikTok with their fake airport 'meet cutes'

Regardless of the ways it could turn out, taking a risk is better than not...

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We know that dating can be nerve wracking, but more than that it can be difficult to pick yourself up after being rejected. 

But as the saying goes, if you don't try, you will never know. And so, we are half and half when it comes to throwing yourself into the world of finding your person. 

However, we are always on board for a 'meet cute' that occurs organically. Sadly with the over compensation on going viral, many content creators and messing up the authentic idea of a meet cute for us and others online. 

In the first video we see a young man who posted that he saw this cute girl whilst at the airport and was working up the courage to speak to her. 

As he builds himself up, he shares that he approaches her, and they hit it off. He even said that he hoped that this goes somewhere. 

And then boom, we scroll down and see that the girl is actually his girlfriend, and this was all a ruse. A wacky trend on attempting to gain some views and followers. 

Check out his video below, courtesy of TikTok


Fingers crossed these leads to something good 😜

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You see content creators are just good at creating the scene, the hook if that's what you want to call it. And then content consumers are there searching for the romantic story that the meet cute leads to. 

Sadly, another woman on TikTok did the same thing and her 'rejection' airport meet really got people hooked on her story. 

In her video she starts off with the text overlay saying, "So I saw this hot guy at the airport" 

Unlike the other video, this couple chose the rejection angle, and whether or not that was her MO, she gained over 28.1 million views. Check out her video below, courtesy of TikTok. 



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After people saw this, many felt for her, some even tried to stick up for the guy saying he is committed to his girl and that is why he rejected her. 

Then next thing, she posts a video with the guy, who is her boyfriend. Many people commented asking her if this was the airport guy, still believing in the romantic side of their lie. 

Hoping that they somehow made their way to each other after he rejected her. Others openly said that they don't trust content creators anymore. 

The truth is social media has always been a ruse, similar to the movies. The difference is that the movies openly present themselves as scripted with actors and credits, etc. 

Whilst content creators put up the appearance of being natural, whilst it is all made up...This is why it is up to you as a consumer to decipher between authentic and scripted and take it from there. Also, don't get so invested. 

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