WATCH: Billie Eilish launches the world's first never-ending music video

WATCH: Billie Eilish launches the world's first never-ending music video

The 18-year-old and YouTube worked together on this concept in celebration of her song 'Bad Guy' reaching one-billion views.

Billie Eilish Infinite

The first-ever 'infinite music video' is launching!

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Now you might be thinking: "How can one three-minute song be infinite?"

Well, that's because this video is made up of a massive amount of other videos.

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When Billie Eilish released 'Bad Guy', it was an instant hit, and what usually happens with a very popular song is that many people choose to put their own twist on it by covering it.

'Bad Guy' became the subject of hundreds, even thousands, of covers, parodies, instrumentals, and more.

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So to celebrate her success, the platform created the concept alongside her and it led to users being able to "remix" the song.

The video is available on and claims: "One song. Thousands of covers. Never the same twice."

The Infinite Music Video

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If you're still a bit confused, it can easily be explained as follows: 'Bad Guy' has been covered by almost every language, instrument, and country.

Using an Artificial Intelligence experiment, YouTube wanted to see if they could combine every cover and have them play together.

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In the end, you can jump from video to video seamlessly, choose from various genres, and when you do choose a different cover version, the song doesn't restart or skip but remains perfectly timed.

Every time you play it there is a new combination and if you had to play through every combination of covers, it would take you 1.46 x 10^100 years.

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Can you guess how long that is? Well, we don't know exactly how long that is, but it's longer than the lifespan of the universe.

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