Vic Naidoo's top five Christmas movies that leave you in your feels

Vic Naidoo's top five Christmas movies that leave you in your feels

Here's a clue, 'Home Alone' is on this list...

Vic Naidoo's top five Christmas movies that leave you in your feels...
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We love, love, love Christmas time. There's just something in the air around Christmas time. And the best part of this time of year, besides the decorations, the festive cheer, and the joy is the Christmas movies that leave us more in our feels. 

Whether you are a comedy kind of person, a true romantic at heart or a person who is open to watching movies over and over again, then you will love this Christmas movie watch list. 

If you make the mistake of asking Vic Naidoo if he likes Christmas movies, then he will give you this look that says, "Like, duh!", so our advice would be not to ask silly questions to the guy who absolutely loves this time of year. 

We have to admit, the Christmas cheer has a way of capturing everyone, it really is a time of love, a time filled with the spirit of giving. And so in true giving spirit, Vic decided to share his top movies to watch during the Christmas period. 

The first one that he shared, which is a classic during Christmas, is the 'Home Alone' franchise. The child star Macaulay Culkin gives a great rendition to what it would be like to be home alone as an eight-year-old. And the greatest part is that he manages to show us how the innocence and naughtiness of a young boy can actually feed into the good over bad ideology. 

If you haven't watched this, then it is high on the recommendations list. There are three as far as we know and the first one is definitely the best. Up next is another firm favourite, 'Bridget Jones Diary,' which offered up three movies to us, each to their own. 

If you are a fan of Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth, then you have to watch all three. It shows the ups and downs of a 30-something-old and fills us up with belly laughs. It is definitely something to watch with friends and can be watched over still leaving you in stitches. 

Another one that he shared was 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles', a 1987 movie that had funny men, Steve Martin and John Candy. The movie shows how sometimes we can all get together to help each other out, definitely a celebratory movie showing the spirit of family. 

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And the one he added in at the end of it was 'Love Actually'. This one is a Christmas feel-good movie and definitely something that he recommends everyone watch, even if it's not Christmas...

We will leave you in cliff-hanger mode there, if anything that's what any great movie should do, leave you in suspense, wanting more. So on that note, we want to wish you all the best for the festive season, make sure to make time for you...

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