These robots create jobs for people with disabilities

These robots create jobs for people with disabilities

In a world that blame robots for taking over the manual workforce, it seems they can also help people feel worthy and useful. 

Robotic servers at a cafe in Tokyo
Robotic servers at a cafe in Tokyo/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

There has been this perception over the years that artificial intelligence and the world of robotics are here to replace humankind. 

For the most part, some propose that AI is here to enhance the way we live. Even though the naysayers may believe that we have a lot to fear when it comes to welcoming robotic technology into our lives, a cafe in Tokyo is challenging this mindset. 

"Enter DAWN (Diverse Avatar Working Network) robot cafe." (Atlas of the Future)

This cafe in Tokyo operates with robot staff with a special human touch. 

"There’s a robot greeting customers at the door, one to help them find a seat, and another to recommend daily specials and take their orders. And then there’s the popular Tele-Barista, a humanoid coffee artist that will take care of your pumpkin spice latte at the bar." (Atlas of the Future)

The humanoid servers are piloted by human workers who operate them remotely. The human pilots are the ones that are interacting with the customers, recommending menu items and making sure their coffee is just right. 

"The cafe employs human pilots who live with disabilities to control the robots in the cafe, creating inclusive hospitality jobs for workers who can’t leave their houses and are, in many cases, bedridden. Workers living with severe disabilities, whom DAWN’s creators refer to as ‘bedridden veterans’, can use a mouse, iPad, or gaze-controlled remote to control the robots from a wheelchair or a bed." (Atlas of the Future)

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We love the idea of this cafe as not only is it inclusive, but it is also so forward-thinking. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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