These are South Africa's most loved menu items

These are South Africa's most loved menu items

Find out what South Africans just can't get enough of when ordering food.


Have you ever seen that familiar Uber Eats logo as they pull up at your neighbours, and found yourself a little curious while wondering, "what did they possibly order tonight?"

Eating in has become the new normal as we are continuing social distancing and staying at home. It's hard to think of a time where we didn't use an app to order our food and so Uber Eats comes to the rescue. 

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Here's what South Africans have been loving (and hating) during 2020, according to their latest cravings report:

Local remains lekker as Bunny chows and curries took the top spot over any other traditional cuisine, and atchar continues its reign as the supreme traditional extra being ordered with everything from braaied-meat to pizzas.

Even good old mogodu (tripe) has had its moment and received some well-earned respect as the app has continued its commitment to add more traditional restaurants.

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With more than 1,000 orders requesting to swap out more classic starches like rice for some pap, it goes to show that people are always happy to support local businesses.

During the lockdown, South Africans have also been trying to focus on healthier food options with meat being swapped out for vegetarian alternatives, while also seeing a massive increase in vegan orders. Healthy orders ultimately increased by 71 percent, with the keyword "healthy" growing by 82 percent as well.

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Clearly, people have their favourites, which they will always go back to, but what had people saying "thanks, but no thanks":

This year at least 3,000 whole onions were saved as this vegetable was the number two most removed item from a meal, with tomato taking the top spot for a second year, after more than 70,000 orders requested removal.

Whether it be choosing between mayo or chilli sauce, do you want your food hot or not, or if you could do with an extra pickle or two, these days South Africans are spoiled for choice and are enjoying it more than ever.

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