Taylor Swift's biggest fan is a three-year-old

Taylor Swift's biggest fan is a three-year-old

When a three-year-old claims to know Taylor Swift's phone number...

Taylor Swift making a heart with her fingers
Taylor Swift making a heart with her fingers/Instagram Screenshot/@taylorswift

WATCH the cute video below, courtesy of TikTok

@dogtorchloe GUYS WE HAVE TAYLORS NUMBER @taylorswift ♬ Smith needs to call taylor - Dogtor Chloe

Taylor Swift is definitely a one-in-a-million star and her fans pay testament to that. 

But this little boy is definitely the highlight, with his persistence and confidence. 

If only kids really knew how the world works. He makes it sound so easy to instruct mum to call Taylor Swift. 

And, in all honesty, maybe we all should walk around with this sort of confidence. 

The video has over 17.8-million views and mum tagged Taylor Swift in the video. 

How awesome would it be if she actually responds? 

People were so great in the comments section too, supporting the little boy. Check out some of the funniest comments: 

CcompATL: "My kids ask if she can babysit and I said I don’t think I can afford her rates"

Rachel72: “Sorry…the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”

Jason Kesler: "I just tried 6 and it’s not her number guys"

Ashley Steen: "I can’t believe he just revealed Taylor Swift’s number to the whole internet."

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