Taking your phone to the toilet could lead to contamination

Taking your phone to the toilet could lead to contamination

Come on now, we know you take your phone to the toilet...

Woman sitting on a toilet while using a phone
Woman sitting on a toilet while using a phone/Pexels

It comes as no surprise to us that one of the dirtiest items we own is our cellphone. 

Taking them to the toilet does not make it any better. 

"Hands pick up bacteria and viruses all the time and are recognised as a route for acquiring infection. So too, are the phones we touch. Several studies on the microbiological colonisation of mobile phones show that they can be contaminated with many different potentially pathogenic bacteria." (Business Tech)

There is a real concern when it comes to the "microbial infection risk" that our phones pose. Not many people pay attention to the importance of cleaning your phone. 

In all honesty, how often do you clean your phone in a week? Mobile phone hygiene is a thing that needs to be given more attention. 

Especially because research has revealed that even if you clean your phone with "antibacterial wipes or alcohol, microorganisms can still recolonise it, indicating that sanitisation must be a regular process." (Business Tech)

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To avoid your phone becoming a host o viruses, you can make sure to clean them more regularly with alcohol-based wipes or sprays. 

But make sure that you do not spray directly onto your phone. Also, bleaches and cleaners should not be used on your phones. 

"Thinking about how you handle your phone will also help you avoid becoming colonised with germs. When not at home, keep your phone in your pocket or bag and use a disposable paper list of to-do items rather than constantly consulting your phone. Touch your phone with clean hands – washed with soap and water or disinfected with alcohol-based hand sanitiser." (Business Tech)

All in all, clean your phone and be more mindful of the places you leave your phone when you're out and about. 

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