Take some time to heal this 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Day'

Take some time to heal this 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Day'

What do you feel is unresolved in your life? 

Take some time to heal this "Chicken Soup for the Soul Day"...
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Today is 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Day' and if you're thinking it involves eating chicken soup for your soul, then good for you. Because hearty food is definitely something that could get you feeling better. 

But this day is meant to be inspiring and motivational, and we wanted to pay tribute to it as a way of reminding you to be good to yourself. Also, as a reminder to you that everything will be okay, you just have to take one step toward your betterment. 

"It is a day for exploring and unpacking deep-rooted emotional issues and searching for inspiration to lead more fulfilling lives...It helps to find creative solutions that can address underlying issues, which people are normally not willing to confront. It is also a day to celebrate the heroes who have emerged successful and happy from their personal battles." (National Today

If you have been struggling with stuff and haven't been able to find a way around it, then today is your day. Take this as a sign that it's okay not to be okay all the time, like Demi Lovato says. But it's also important to remember that only you hold the power in your life. 

We wanted to remind you that today is not just another day, you have the power everyday to take control over mental state of mind. Sometimes all you need to do is ask for help. Especially if you feel overwhelmed and under pressure. 

On that note this is how Jack Canfield started on his book journey, courtesy of YouTube.

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