The story of how she met a homeless man who ended up being the love of her life

The story of how she met a homeless man who ended up being the love of her life

What started off as a chance encounter turned into something much more...

Woman and man posing together
Woman and man posing together/TikTok Screenshot/@jazandmac1

Conventional love stories are great, we are all about people celebrating their love. 

But when it comes to couples who have met in the most unlikely circumstances and made it - now that's something to talk about!

This couple met outside a grocery store. The only thing is he was homeless at the time and she was doing her grocery shopping.

After she had completed her shopping, he asked her if he could help her load her groceries into the taxi. She agreed. 

She then offered him a meal and he reluctantly said yes. She shared that there was something about him that she couldn't stop thinking about. After sharing a meal, she took a chance on him...

They stayed in contact and after several meets, she invited him over. 

She helped him with new clothes and now they are still together several years later, with two children and engaged to be married.

WATCH her unfold their love story in this video. Courtesy of TikTok

@jazandmac1 Reply to @songareum02 was the best decision I ever made🤍#myman #homeless #foryoupage #fiance ♬ Photograph - Ed Sheeran

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Many naysayers came to the post saying that people are gullible for believing her story. But it sounds like some bitter chit chat...

One person came through and shared how she was once homeless: "I met my fiancé when I was homeless. He gave me a chance and I had no where to go that night we met. Been together 8 years and getting married in Sept." (TikTok).

As much as we understand that in this age of social media, people will do anything to go 'viral', sometimes it's nice to hear something authentic - and this sounds authentic to us...

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