South Africa's first surviving sextuplets celebrate 50th birthday

South Africa's first surviving sextuplets celebrate 50th birthday

It's a half-century for these "triple twins"...

South Africa's first surviving sextuplets celebrate 50
South Africa's first surviving sextuplets celebrate 50/ Facebook

Twins are a phenomena that surprise us on a daily basis but sextuplets is a mind-blowing occurrence. South Africa's very own Rosenkowitz siblings are the world's oldest surviving sextuplets.

This family take the world by storm by celebrating a golden jubilee on their 50th birthday. 

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The siblings consist of three boys and three girls named David, Grant, Jason, Emma, Nicolette, and Elizabeth. They all live in different parts of the world and couldn't be more unique. 

This half-century was celebrated on social media by Grant. Take a look at the post here:

The six siblings were born on 11 January 1974 in Cape Town.

Briefly reports, "The sextuplets were born to Colin Rosenkowitz and Susan Wilson on 11 January 1974 at Mowbray Maternity Hospital in Cape Town."

The sextuplets have two older siblings, Anthony and Samatha. In 1989, Colin and Susan got divorced and Colin took sole custody of all eight children.

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How did the medical miracle happen? 

During an interview with Insight, Colin shared that following the birth of their second child, his wife was prescribed contraceptive pills prematurely, leading to a halted menstrual cycle lasting four years. He mentioned that she received a fertility injection, subsequently becoming pregnant.

The duo were in and out of hospital and a mere 10 days before giving birth, they found out they were on track to have six kids!

Colin shares: "Inside, I felt like I didn’t know how we would manage; six had never survived, and no one could tell us what to do or how to do it.” 

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