16-year-old kid from Durban breaks wrist trying to reach 100 followers on Instagram

Sixteen-year-old kid from Durban breaks wrist trying to reach 100 followers on Instagram

Vic helps 16-year-old Talon reach his social media goal after a stunt goes wrong – but leaves out a vital piece of information that got him in a whole lot of trouble.


Talon is a 16-year-old kid from Durban hoping to increase his social media following. As the son of his personal trainer, Vic has jumped on board to help him reach his goal after a skating stunt left him with a broken wrist. But, there’s a whole lot more to the story than meets the eye.

Talon is your standard 16-year-old kid. He’s very athletic and loves riding his skateboard. As a young adult in the age of social media, Talon embarked on a mission to gain some followers on Instagram by uploading some stunts onto his page. But, a stunt went wrong causing him to break his wrist.

Luckily, Talon will be okay but his mom is incredibly angry at him for taking his skateboard to school when he’s not allowed to.

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“After school, we went to the mall across the road from my school and I was trying to show off and do a few tricks and on one trick I landed funny and flew off my board and landed onto my wrist and it snapped,” Talon shares with Vic.

Talon was rushed to hospital and left with a cast covering his wrist.

After disobeying his mom by taking the skateboard to school, Casey was even more angry at her teenage son after he asked her to get him cigarettes after coming out of hospital instead of the jelly and custard she was expecting him to ask for.

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“I go fetch him from the hospital and I take him straight to the shop and I am dying to get him chocolate and ice cream and custard and all the things that you get in hospital that make you feel better. I am standing there and ask what else I can get him and he asks me, ‘Can you get me a box of smokes?’ I was so floored! Where is the little person who wanted custard and ice cream?”

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