Singles are pairing with each other over the pear emoji

Singles are pairing with each other over the pear emoji

It's kind of cute, don't you think?

Screenshots of peoples social media profiles
Screenshots of peoples social media profiles/Instagram Screenshot/@pubity

We recently chatted about a social experiment that is taking over the world of singles. 

The Pear Ring is asking singles to join their revolution of wearing a special ring that is a worldly tell-tale that you are single. 

It certainly was an oxymoron of sorts, with its sneaky play on the ring, which has traditionally been known as a symbol of commitment. 

You can read more about the Pear Ring here. 

Now, the social experiment is calling on singles to add the pear emoji to their social media profiles or bios. 

The pear emoji basically tells people that you are single and are open to DMs (direct messages). 

A cute way of knowing whether you are open to chatting or not, and certainly a way for people to avoid being misled. 

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After all, it can be tricky sending a message to someone who you think is available, and is not. 

This is what the future of dating looks like. Incorporation of subtle cues that aren't really real, but allow people to get to the point. 

The excitement around the chase, the intriguing conversation that comes with attraction, all gone. What do you think? 

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