SEE: Would you stay at a hotel that was once a prison?

SEE: Would you stay at a hotel that was once a prison?

Trying out new things gets taken to a whole new level of weird with hotels that were once prisons...

SEE: Would you stay at a hotel that was once a prison?
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We are all for trying out new things but is there a limit to trying out things that are just outright weird. First it was things like real-life escape rooms, visiting haunted houses, and checking out graveyards that have become tourist attractions...

You end up thinking, what next? But never did we think this was going to be a thing. Old prisons have now become a tourist attraction, considered part of something called 'dark tourism'. 

One such place that recently got its fame online is a boutique hotel (not sure if that is the correct name to use here) in Oxford called Malmaison Oxford. This hotel was actually a prison at some point that has been converted into a hotel. 

"Boutique hotels like Malmaison Oxford constructed in old prisons or asylum buildings capitalize on the trend of “dark tourism,” similar to “murder house” concepts." (Daily Dot)

The hotel scores a 4.1 out of 5 when it comes to their reviews. We wonder if that means we are being too critical here? The rates for a room (cell) range from R3,400 to R6,500 per night. 

"According to the site for Malmaison Oxford, the hotel has “95 rooms and suites” that “were once your average basic cell. But they’ve done their time and are now reformed as luxurious locations to lay your head, thanks to super-fast Wi-Fi, super-comfy beds and powerful drench showers you’ll want to surrender to. These are simply the most stunning and original hotel rooms in Oxford, meaning they’re now on the most wanted list." (Malmaison Website)

Check out the posts of two influencers who posted about their stay at the hotel.

Courtesy of Instagram.

Courtesy of Instagram.

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