SEE: This driver didn't get the memo and the city tarred around his car

SEE: This driver didn't get the memo and the city tarred around his car

If this was South Africa, what do you think would've happened?

Car parked on a road with roadworks
Car parked on a road with roadworks/Instagram Screenshot/@BBCNews

With the amount of roadworks and potholed roads in and around KwaZulu-Natal and other provinces, it is safe to say that many motorists have reached their wits ends...

The damages to vehicles can be costly and also an unwelcome stress...

This story, however, shows a motorist costing the council money...

Call it being cheeky or an innocent mistake, either way it costs moola.

Huntley Street in Darlington, England, put out road notices to inform motorists that the road would be resurfaced. 

But one driver did not heed the notices and parked their BMW in the vicinity of the tar resurfacing. 

"Comments on social media included people asking if the driver could be on holiday or in hospital and asking why the car was not towed away before the resurfacing began." (BBC)

If this vehicle was in South Africa, the driver may have been clamped for not paying heed to the notices and costing the council more money.

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According to a council spokeswoman, they were not able to do that as there were no parking restrictions in that area. 

Hmm, of course there was nothing else they could've done...

Anyway, technically, the driver will feel it because the process of resurfacing tar can have some overspray, so the car may have some tar residue...


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