The richest beggar in the world lives in Mumbai

The richest beggar in the world lives in Mumbai

This is definitely a sensitive topic considering that we have so many people begging on our streets...

Photo of a beggar holding a paper cup
Photo of a beggar holding a paper cup/Pexels/@Timur Weber

India is not only known for its beauty, style, culture, and Bollywood, it is also known for its high levels of poverty. 

Begging is something that you see everywhere in the country. Just like in our very own home country, the volume of begging seems to be in an unmanageable state. 

Seeing more and more people standing at almost every traffic light - many with their kids - is absolutely heartbreaking. 

But the challenge is telling apart the people that really need the food or money from the scam artists that do this for a living. 

One man who has been hitting headlines all over is Bharat Jain. He is known as the wealthiest beggar in the world and is said to earn 2,500 rupees (R552.00) a day. 

"Due to financial instability, Jain was unable to pursue formal education, though he is a married man with a family that includes his wife, two sons, his brother, and his father." (Hindustan Times)

Now, hearing that he has made begging a lucrative business is definitely triggering. 

But there's more, "he owns a 2BHK flat in Mumbai worth ₹1.2 crore, and owns two shops in Thane that rent for ₹30,000 per month." (Hindustan Times)

That is anything but settling to hear, considering that many beggars prey on people's empathy.

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