Property sells for R22m... without a bedroom or bathroom!

Property sells for R22m... without a bedroom or bathroom!

Paying more than a pretty penny for something without a basic amenity. 

Boat shed in Auckland New Zealand
Boat shed in Auckland New Zealand/Facebook/@lynn.mitchusson.7

It's not often that you would find someone who would want to buy a property that is 'lacking'. 

The basics for most people investing in property over and apart from the price are the bathroom, the kitchen, and, of course, the bedroom. 

But one property, a boat shed located in Auckland, New Zealand, has gone viral for selling at $1.25-million (R22-million). 

But the price is only part of the reason the story went viral - the property does not have a bedroom or a bathroom. 

"Boatshed 15 is really just one large room with an open dining area and kitchenette located off the entry in the front and a living room leading to the deck and jetty in the back." (New York Post)

Sounds a bit out of sorts to pay that much for a place that doesn't even have a bathroom. 

The price is said to be quite high for the area, not to mention paying a large amount for a property that is lacking during a "housing market crash" in New Zealand. 

Boat shed interior in New Zealand
Boat shed interior in New Zealand/Facebook/@lynn.mitchusson.7

Over and above that, "zoning rules make it illegal for the owner to inhabit or stay overnight at the address, which has no toilet, shower, or legal title (just a license to occupy)." (New York Post)

The more and more we hear about this property, the less and less it seems appealing. 

But according to the realtor, it boasts a longer deck than other sheds in the area, is well-renovated, and holds some history. Does that sound appealing enough for you to spend over R22-million?

Aerial view of the boat shed
Aerial view of the boat shed/Facebook/@lynn.mitchusson.7

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We guess if you were going to buy a place of relaxation, then it would make sense to buy the best one from the batch. 

And Boatshed 15 is noted as “one of the better ones”.

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