Professor finds pens with cheat note engravings

Professor finds pens with cheat note engravings

Even though we know this to be wrong, it is amazing how they managed to engrave their notes on the pens.

A pile of BIC pens with engravings on them
A pile of BIC pens with engravings on them/X/@procesaleando

We have heard of many people who have cheated their way through school. 

And as much as many of them have gotten away with it, it doesn't make much sense to us. 

Purely because cheating may have allowed you to pass, but how is that going to help you get through the bigger lessons that life throws at you?

One professor reminded us that anything is possible when someone wants to cheat in an exam. 

Professor Yolanda de Lucchi from the University of Malaga in Spain shared a photo of BIC pens that she found in her drawer while cleaning up. 

Sounds pretty ordinary for a Professor to have pens, but these were far from ordinary. 

The pens had engravings on them, the engravings were cheat notes that a student had used during an examination. 

It turns out that the professor found the student's pens and confiscated them. 

These notes were for Criminal Procedure Law; how ironic that a student of law would negate the law to pass. 

What was surprising for us is that the professor considered the cheat note engravings to be an art. And after seeing the pens with a fine eye, we have to agree with her. 

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This was certainly a flashback worthy of the memory. 

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