Pizza delivery guy sues friends for not sharing their lottery winnings!

Pizza delivery guy sues friends for not sharing their lottery winnings!

One of the most bizarre things you will read...

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Friendships can be difficult, no doubt about that. But when it comes to being fair, sometimes it's a matter of opinion. 

That was certainly the case for this group of friends. Philip Tsotsos from Ontario Canada feels betrayed by 16 of his very good friends - friends he considers family...

This is a contentious one. Philip has decided to sue his friends for shattering his dream. The group of friends purchased a lotto ticket together and won the jackpot valued at R15.6-million. 

Now the tricky part of the story is that Philip did not contribute towards the ticket but now that his friends have won, he feels like they should have shared their winnings with him...

"They then started 'flexing' their newfound wealth on social media without telling their 17th friend who is especially angry about the fact that they didn’t even tell him." (MSN)

Talk about being entitled...

He is demanding R1-million from his friends because he believes they have stolen his dream. 

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Sorry to have to inform you, Philip, but that's not how it works...

You should take a seat and have a piece of humble pie, and graciously congratulate your friends for winning...

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