What did these partygoers enjoy for their R93k bill on a night out?

What did these partygoers enjoy for their R93k bill on a night out?

One month later and we are eager to know whether this is still being paid for or was it a cash transaction?

An invoice from a night club
An invoice from a night club/Facebook/@temaswatinqobile.dlamini

Ke December came and went and many people may still be feeling the aftermath of their spending. 

Regrets or no regrets, in a few days the kids are returning to school and you have to get your ducks in a row to ensure they have all that they need for their school year. 

An example of the Ke December spending came to light when we found a post on Facebook sharing a large bill that amounted to R93,050.10. 

In a post that was shared on Facebook on the 16th of December 2023, we see a bill that amounted to more than R93k. 

The woman who posted the bill said that this was the bill that her guy friend had settled for her and her friends. 

The bill comprised of ten bottles of Veuve Yellow - R3,500 a bottle, four bottles of Veuve Rich - R3,600 each, and a bottle of Aces Gold for R14,300. 

She admitted that all she had was two glasses of the Ace, but was extremely happy for the waiter. 

The service charge came to R8,459.10, which would consist of his tip. 

Check out the bill below, courtesy of Facebook

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As we proceed into 2024 with an attitude of gratitude, let's leave debt behind us and move into a financially responsible year. 

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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