Online poll reveals that many people only brush their teeth after brekkie

Online poll reveals that many people only brush their teeth after brekkie

This is actually quite disturbing...

A man brushing his teeth
A man brushing his teeth/Pexels/@Tima Miroshnichenko

When you think about oral hygiene, there's always something that you can do to keep your teeth healthy. 

One of the things that many of us grew up doing was brushing our teeth twice a day. Once when we wake up int he morning and once at bed time before going to bed. 

 But the reality is that not everyone practices good oral hygiene. And the bigger question here is are we going to judge them or not after we learn more about their oral health?

Of course, on some level, we, as a society frown upon people who do not practice the most accepted practices. 

But recently a poll that was done by popular entertainment and news channel, Pubity left us gobsmacked. 

The broadcast channel asked their community of users: "Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?.”

And let's just say, the results were shocking. 

The results showed the following: 

Before breakfast: 46.8% of their audience brushed before breakfast. 

After breakfast: 41.5% said they only brushed after they ate breakfast.

Then 8.2% said that they brush before and after breakfast. (Good for you all).

And the shocker outside of the 41.5% was learning that 3.5% didn't brush at all. 

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It was surprising to see the comments on the post with some shocked that people brush their teeth before breakfast. 

Check out the Motivational Doc on YouTube which shares some insight into when to brush your teeth. He also mentions how some people forget to brush their teeth. 

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