#Normalise: Peeing with the door closed

#Normalise: Peeing with the door closed

It doesn't matter if you live alone or share your home with four other people, should you be peeing with the door closed?


Every Friday, Vic gives you a scenario and you must decide if this should be normalised or not.

This week's #Normalise might be a bit below the belt, but it's time we finally address it.

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Vic asked listeners: "Should you be closing the door when you go to the bathroom. Even if you live alone?"

You might have been used to leaving the door open when you were living alone, but have had to change your ways. Maybe the idea of people being able to view you in your most compromising position doesn't sit well with you at all.

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Listen here to find out if KZN decided to normalise peeing with the door closed:

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