Newlyweds receive worst wedding gift ever!

Newlyweds receive worst wedding gift ever!

Usually, we would say that you should be happy you are receiving a gift, but this was atrocious!

Stacked blue coloured gift boxes at a wedding
Stacked blue coloured gift boxes at a wedding/Pexels/@Pixabay

Wedding gifts are a controversial topic, to say the least. Not everyone gets that. 

Sometimes what you may think is a nice gift for newlyweds might not be what they like. That's when the controversy comes in. 

We are all for getting gifts that come from a place of insight. Doing some legwork so you know what the couple likes and enjoys allows you to make an informed decision with their gift. 

Sadly, a couple were unpleasantly surprised by a wedding gift they received from a groomsman. 

"A pair of newlyweds received a nauseous-making wedding gift from a revenge-seeking pal they wished they could send back — and now they’re sharing their disgusting plight on social media." (New York Post)

Believe it or not, the groomsman gifted them a paperweight made of glued toenails.

The bride said: “One of my husband’s groomsmen… has always given me creepy vibes. I just opened the gift he gave to us and literally am besides myself.

“To my favourite couple, [your] husband was such a gross dude in college. He always left his clipped nails all over the dorm. Guess who has been collecting them for eight years, almost as long as you two have been dating? I added in some of my own and formed them into a brick structure. The hardness is because I included concrete glue. Now [your husband] won’t be able to forget the [school name] days…and [you] will be the only bride in the US that has a fingernail paperweight." (New York Post)

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