Mother loses R15m disability claim over a tree-throwing contest

Mother loses R15m disability claim over a tree-throwing contest

After an accident, this mother filed an $800,000 disability claim with her insurance company, but her eagerness to participate in a Christmas Tree Throwing contest didn't end well for her...

A woman wearing a yellow jumper throwing a tree
A woman wearing a yellow jumper throwing a tree/Instagram Screenshot/@NYPost

We wanted to share a Throwback story from 2018 that grabbed our attention. 

A woman, Kamila Grabska from Ireland, was involved in an accident in 2017 and claimed from her insurance. 

She suffered mild injuries from her accident but informed them that she was unable to complete her day-to-day activities due to her injuries. 

This included household chores and not being able to pick up her kids. Due to her injuries, she was forced to leave work and suffered losses that equated to roughly $500,000 (R9.5-million). 

"Though she filed an injury lawsuit against her insurance agency for the 2017 accident, the judge ruled in favor of the agency when they saw photos of Grabska throwing a five-foot Christmas tree as far as she could." (Dexerto)

Grabska was adamant that she did not fake her injuries but the judge was not convinced. 

After all, if she was not able to do household chores and lift her kids, how was she able to lift a tree and throw it? 

What's worse - for her - is that she won the Christmas Tree Throwing contest! What a contest it must've been, one that cost her $800,000 (R15-million)...

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