#MoneyTalks: I care, but I won't share my money

#MoneyTalks: I care, but I won't share my money

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Now we know that most married couples have decided to give up their individual Facebook profiles, and rather have a joint account.

It's easier to navigate the social media space and could be considered more convenient. 

But what happens when you have to share more than just a social media account?

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This brings us to the following dilemma: Vic has two friends who have now been married for about one year. 

One of them wants to get a joint bank account, but her partner is absolutely against it. He is standing his ground and refusing to give in.

They've now confided in Vic that it's causing some friction.

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This has Vic asking KZN: "What do you think about joint bank accounts? How has your joint bank account experience been?"

Listen here to find out what they had to say about this paired up predicament:

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