#MoneyTalks: Buying a new car

#MoneyTalks: Buying a new car

It's that time of the week again where Vic chats to you about all things cash money.


Every Wednesday, Vic discusses any and all money matters while offering advice to those struggling with any money-related issues.

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Today he received the following email:

Hey Vic, I paid my car off last year and now I’m feeling like my self-esteem needs a new one. 

I’m bored of my car and I want to feel cool again! I found one on special and I’m really tempted to buy it, but then I’ll be paying off a car from scratch again. 

The thing is, I’ll also get a service and maintenance plan again. What does KZN think? 

Denver in PMB

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Although everyone loves that new car smell, you have to think about the bigger picture.

Should Denver buy the new car or not?

Listen here to find out what Vic and KZN had to say:

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