Man who sleeps with his two snakes is now looking for love

Man who sleeps with his two snakes is now looking for love

A man from Australia sleeps with his two eight-year-old Bredli carpet pythons, Jasper and Cairo, and is in search of true love (and someone who accepts his slithery friends).

Man who sleeps with his 2 snakes is now looking for LOVE...

Imagine sharing your bed with two snakes every night. No, wait, STOP, we can't even handle that thought, so we don't want to put you through it...

As per Metro, an Australian man, Johnny Walker (not even joking), 40, from Queensland is searching for love, preferably with someone who will accept his rather freaky but unique sleeping habits. 

Johnny says that he has been passionate about snakes since he was a young boy and has handled over 100 snakes so far. He says that many of the women he shows pictures of his snakes to are turned off. He says that his pets are his family and that the woman for him would have to accept them as part of a package deal.

"I never worry about them biting me or wrapping themselves round my neck, they just stay there all night, and they love it. They won’t have moved when I wake up in the morning."

Brave man, that Johnny Walker is..

Johnny said that he has been bitten before but each time was his own fault and not that of the snake. He proudly shared that his snakes come out and greet him when he gets home from work, just like pet dogs would. 

His snakes eat one kitten-sized rat, which leaves them satisfied for about 10 days, but this still leaves people scared to come over - even Johnny's dad feels a bit nervous coming over for a visit.

We wish Mr Walker all the best in his quest for love, we will pass on this one though. Sorry, we don't know any single, snake-loving ladies.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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