This man took six years to find the perfect parking spot!

This man took six years to find the perfect parking spot!

A man has spent six years finding the perfect parking spot at his local grocery store in south-east London.

This man took 6 years to find the perfect parking spot!

Gareth Wild took to his Twitter page and shared his parking spot challenge. He detailed the intricacy that is displayed - and it is astounding (and a little bit too much, no?).

He said in one of his tweets: "After quite a few years of going each week, I started thinking about how many of the different spots I’d parked in and how long it would take to park in them all. My life is one long roller coaster."

If you're wondering if this is real - let us reassure you - it is! 

He admitted that he enjoyed the "banal things in life" and we think that this is definitely banal! 

From his colour-coded diagrams to his breakdown of the best and worst parking bay spots, it looks like his interest isn't his alone - he had some interaction on his tweets and it seems there are more people out there who appreciate his research. 

It's obvious that he has a following of other interested parking bay enthusiasts, because his tweet got more than 7,000 likes. 

What would you do to find the perfect parking spot?

Image Courtesy of Twitter

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