A man reunites with his family after being abducted 33 years ago

A man reunites with his family after being abducted 33 years ago

A Christmas miracle indeed...

A man reunites with his family after being abducted 33-years-ago...
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As many families recover from the overdose of family time during this festive season, some families are left heartsore. Whatever the reason, the festive season can be a difficult time for people that have lost loved ones. 

In this case, it was a four-year-old who was lured away from his family and taken into a child trafficking ring. But not all stories have sad endings, this was one filled with hope and had all the makings of a great miracle story. 

Li Jingwei shared a hand drawing of a map on a video-sharing app called, Douyin. It turned out to be the same as a small village where a woman's son had disappeared years ago. Police had matched it and then this miracle story started...

DNA tests were done and it was found that Li Jingwei was the little boy. 

"Video footage of the reunion showed the pair meeting for the first time in over three decades and shows Li Jingwei carefully removing his mother's coronavirus mask to examine her face before breaking down in tears and embracing her." (BBC)

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He was abducted in 1989 by a bald neighbour and sold to a family who lived 1,800 km away. He had no success finding out more information about his roots from his adoptive parents or from DNA databases, so he decided to use the internet. 

It is so amazing that he managed to find his family after three decades. Sadly, child trafficking is not uncommon in China, with the high value in having a son. 

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