Man flies solo from Mumbai to Dubai

Man flies solo from Mumbai to Dubai

An Indian man books a flight from Mumbai to Dubai and gets the VVIP treatment from the airline. 

A man flies solo on a plane ride from Mumbai to Dubai

Would you ever fly solo on a flight, just because you can? This man, Bhavesh Javeri, 40, paid for a ticket from Mumbai to Dubai and was the only passenger. 

In case you're wondering, as we were, he paid Rs. 18,000 (which is roughly R3,600) for an economy ticket and it just so happened that he was the only passenger traveling from India to the United Arab Emirates. How crazy is that?

Bhavesh is a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the past 20 years and holds a golden visa, which allows him to travel during the COVID-19 travel restrictions. He speaks about how he normally travels business class but decided to experience things like an economy flyer. 

He has boarded more than 240 flights between Mumbai and Dubai and he openly says that this was by far the best flight he has ever taken. 

Bhavesh received VVIP treatment from the crew as they only had one passenger, they dedicated all their time and energy to him and he really felt like he was the only passenger on the plane, how ironic!

After initially being rejected at the gates, as there was no date on the ticket, he found out that the crew was patiently awaiting his arrival as he was the ONLY passenger on the flight. 

"I was elated. I had flown a charter flight from Dubai to Mumbai last June with nine passengers on a 14-seater aircraft. But it was nowhere close to this money-can't-buy experience," he told India Today.

What is the most you have ever spent for a flight ticket? Let us know by commenting below.

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