Man finds shrimp tails in his breakfast cereal

Man finds shrimp tails in his breakfast cereal

Jensen Karp was shocked to find dried shellfish in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

We remember clearly opening a box of kids’ cereal and finding a surprise inside. Except usually this meant a toy or something similar. So, it’s unsurprising that Jensen Karp was shocked when he found pieces of dried shrimp in his cereal box.

The comedian shared his shocking discovery on Twitter, captioning the post: “This is not a bit”.

The shocking discovery became a worldwide trend on the social media app, with many expressing their shock at the discovery. General Mills, the company which produces Cinnamon Toast Crunch, replied and offered to replace the box, but, naturally, Jensen admitted that he’s not ready to consume more of the cereal just yet. 

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General Mills went on to investigate the complaint and “after further investigation”, the company had determined that the supposed shrimp tails were actually “an accumulation of cinnamon sugar”.

Naturally, this did not sit well with Jensen, who shared a close-up image of the shrimp tails, admitting that he is disappointed with the way General Mills has been handling the complaint.

After going back and forth in the app’s direct message service, General Mills asked that Jensen submit his findings to a forensic investigation and the company offered to send him a pre-paid envelope in which he could return the alleged tails at no charge to him.

This prompted Jensen to explore the bag further, in which he discovered more undesirable products including cereal pieces with odd black marks, a “weird cinnamon-covered pea thing”; and “a weird little string”.

“I get really grossed out, and I’m medicated for OCD, so this is a total nightmare for me,” Jensen said in an interview with the New York Times.

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In a statement, a General Mills spokesman, Mike Siemienas, said: “While we are still investigating this matter, we can say with confidence that this did not occur at our facility. We are waiting for the consumer to send us the package to investigate further.” He added: “Any consumers who notice their cereal box or bag has been tampered with, such as the clear tape that was found in this case, should contact us.” 

The alleged shrimp tails have been sent to a lab for testing and Jensen is looking forward to receiving the results.

Image courtesy: Twitter

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