KZN mum buys teenage daughter Gucci sneakers

KZN mum buys teenage daughter Gucci sneakers

Mum just kept her end of the promise and the story is actually quite sweet...

A young girl standing in front of Gucci store
A young girl standing in front of Gucci store/TikTok Screenshot/@sliesanda

Mzansi is at it again, sharing their jaw-dropping reactions to a mother who purchased Gucci sneakers for her daughter. 

In a TikTok video shared almost a week ago, we see a mum take her 13-year-old daughter to a Gucci store at the Oceans Mall in Umhlanga. 

The young girl was celebrating her birthday and excited to get something she was promised: Gucci sneakers. 

In a series of videos, mum shares how she picked up her daughter from school on her birthday and the birthday celebrations began. 

At first, she gives her daughter simple but sweet surprises. She asks her to choose between birthday treats such as values of money and choices between chocolate bars. Eventually she gives her the news that she will be getting her wish. 

Gucci sneakers. Her budget was originally R13,000 for the shoes, but the young girl chose another option which cost R14,300. 

WATCH the first video, courtesy of TikTok

Mum clapped back at naysayers who thought that treating a young girl to such a pricey gift was not ideal. 

But she came back sharing that she works hard and thrives on giving her kids what they deserve. 

@sliesanda I’m not a millionaire, I’m just a teacher with a side hustle and lots of love for my kids 💜#promise #Gucci #guccigang🇳🇵 #birthdaygirl ♬ original sound - Sliesanda_86

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WATCH her below surprise video, courtesy of TikTok

@sliesanda Fun was had kwi 13th Birthday kaMam Gabadeli😍 Happy Birthday MaDladla wam #pickacard #birthdaygirl #trending #challenge #gucci #guccigang🇳🇵 ♬ Iza Mawala - Dladla Mshunqisi
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