Keep or Cut: My friend proposed at my engagement dinner

Keep or Cut: My friend proposed at my engagement dinner

An East Coaster has a very serious predicament and doesn’t know how to address it. 

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Here on 'Keep or Cut', we get some tricky scenarios, but this is one of the worst.

We got an email from a listener who recently proposed to his girlfriend and then had a dinner with his friends to celebrate.  

Hi Vic

So, I recently got engaged and because of the lockdown I couldn’t throw an engagement party.

Long story short, I invited two of my friends and their partners to celebrate with us.

Everything was going well until my friend decided to propose to his girlfriend there and then.

He had a ring and everything and didn’t even give me the heads up.

My fiancé thinks it was a tasteless move on his behalf and I am torn.

I’ve confronted him about it, and he says he was just inspired by me and he was ready to take the leap.

What should I do, keep or cut him?

Should Khulekani keep or cut his friend who proposed at his engagement dinner?

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