Israeli doctors reattach decapitated boy's head

Israeli doctors reattach decapitated boy's head

We're not sure about you, but we didn't think this was possible...

Doctors in scrubs stand with a young boy
Doctors in scrubs stand with a young boy/Facebook/@farshiddror.bakhshi

When we heard about this story, it really gave us the chills. We think it's not appropriate to say it sent shivers down our spine, though...

Considering it involved a 12-year-old boy who had lost his head when a car hit him. 

"The 12-year-old Palestinian boy suffered what is known as an 'internal decapitation', in which the skull detaches from the spine." (Instagram)

Suleiman Hassan was knocked off his bike by a car which resulted in his head almost completely being detached from the base of his neck. 

"His skull broke off the top vertebrae in his spine in the hit in June, effectively separating his head from his body with just skin and muscles keeping it in place." (The Sun)

The medics in Jerusalem say that they performed the 'extremely rare operation' on the boy with their knowledge and innovative technology. 

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The surgery is said to be quite rare and survival rates are in fact improving. That in itself sounds like the chances of success are not that high, but there is always a ray of hope. 

"Suleiman’s surgery was a success and he was sent home with a neck brace and is being monitored by doctors. Dr Einav said it is impressive that he is “functionally normally” already and does not appear to have any lasting nerve damage." (The Sun)

We are grateful that the operation was a success.

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