INTERESTING: Three guesses as to the happiest country in the world...

INTERESTING: Three guesses as to the happiest country in the world...

According to research, it's not South Africa...

Finland is named the happiest country for fifth year in a row
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With the President's family meeting on Monday night, many South Africans are ecstatic to hear the news that the National State of Disaster has been lifted.

But that doesn't at all mean that we are the happiest country in the world. Although that does sound like something we would be down for, there is a lot to be unhappy about so we can understand why we didn't make the cut...

On that note, we are not against happiness, we are just realistic to the fact that there are many factors against the happiness radar in South Africa at the moment. 

With the likes of poverty, unemployment, and the rising cost of everything, many have to reach far and beyond to rate themselves as happy. 

Finland, however, has a different outlook... at least that's what a recent survey revealed. 

According to the World Happiness Report 2022, Finland has been announced as the happiest country in the world for the fifth year in a row. 

"The report found that Finland was the world's happiest country, with an average happiness rating of 7.821. Finland often finds itself at the top of such rankings, including for freedom, well-being, safety and more." (Engoo)

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Up at number two was Denmark, then Iceland. 

"The US moved from 19th to 16th on this year's list, followed by the UK in 17th. At the bottom of the list was Afghanistan, with a score of 2.404. The second unhappiest country was Lebanon with 2.955, and the third unhappiest was Zimbabwe with 2.995." (Engoo)

The good news is we are not part of the unhappiest, and that is a splendid surprise. There's hope...

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