Interest peaks in naming babies 'Barbie' thanks to the movie

Interest peaks in naming babies 'Barbie' thanks to the movie

Who would've thunk?

Barbie in front of her cadillac
Barbie in front of her cadillac/Instagram Screenshot/@Barbiethemovie

Since the 'Barbie' movie came out, there has been much talk about it all over. 

And it seems that anything related to Barbie has experienced some sort of resurgence. For instance, we heard that the sales of Barbie dolls shot up after the movie in South Africa. 

But this stat really left us shocked. 

It seems that the movie also influenced expectant parents who are looking for baby names. told TMZ that "their site has seen a 300% uptick in searches for "Barbie" in the month of July. "Ken" has also blown up, with searches increasing by 200% in the same month." (TMZ)

We cannot imagine the effects of being named Barbie, but we do know that naming a child is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. 

Barbie is said to mean 'stranger', while Ken means 'handsome'. The popularity of these names peaked in 1963 and 1964. 

The question is, would you name your kid Barbie or Ken?

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