TikToker shares the importance of checking your skincare expiration dates

TikToker shares the importance of checking your skincare expiration dates

The price some people pay for skincare can sometimes be damaging to their health and well-being. 

A young woman with face burns
A young woman with face burns/TikTok Screenshot/@beasteater

The buzzword surrounding skincare these days is Chemical Peel or Microneedling. 

These two treatments shouldn't be taken lightly, in other words, when you decide to care for your skin, do your research. 

One woman learnt the hard way that checking expiry dates on skincare products is just as important as doing your research when you are trying something new. 

A TikToker with a large following shared how she used an expired acne/dark spot treatment on her face. Sadly, she found out the hard way that this comes with some harsh and painful side effects. 

After wiping off the treatment, she noticed her face swell up and it began burning. 

Without seeking medical advice, she purchased a face steamer and gave herself a facial steam. Wrong move! 

This worsened things and gave her a bacterial infection that spread across most of her face. 

Watch how things went south very quickly. The video is courtesy of TikTok


I never cried this much in my LIFE.

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We loved her honesty and how she put her story out there. 

What seemed like a traumatic and painful experience wasn't just a lesson for her, but was an opportunity for her to help others going through the same or similar situations. 

Sometimes it's important to look within when you are going through something traumatic, because somewhere in the mayhem there is an opportunity to help others. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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