How to stop your phone from spying on you

How to stop your phone from spying on you

Vic Naidoo tested the theory as to whether your smartphone is actually spying on you and today he speaks with a Digital Privacy Expert to reveal it all...

How to stop your phone spying on you

Is your smartphone spying on you? The answer is - Yes! But not necessarily the way you think. 

Last week, Vic Naidoo tested whether his phone was listening to him and he encouraged listeners to do the same. 

Today, he speaks with a Digital Privacy Expert, Jarred Mailer-Lyons, who is the Head of Digital from the MediaShop, and they chat more about our smartphones and what they know about us.

Listen to the podcast to hear what really went down...

Oh, and share it with your friends and family, we wouldn't want those secret conversations to be stored by some bot (just kidding)!

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