Have birthday cakes become too expensive?

Have birthday cakes become too expensive?

Okay, we can agree that this has become a pricey affair, but come now, it's a birthday cake...

A person lighting a candle on the cake
A person lighting a candle on the cake/Pexels/@ Pegah Sharifi

Birthdays are meant to be special occasions held in honour of the person who is turning a year older. 

And what's a birthday party without cake? 

Celebrating with cake has become something of a tradition for many people and it feels like as the years go by, the cakes have become more and more elaborate and fancier. 

Why do we celebrate with cake?

A quick answer quoted from BirthdayIt.com states: "The tradition of celebrating birthdays with cake dates back to ancient civilizations, where people believed that evil spirits were attracted to individuals on their birthdays. To protect the person, friends and family gathered around them with sweet treats and candles, representing the light of life. Today, birthday cake remains a symbol of joy and celebration, serving as a centerpiece for the party and a sweet way to mark another year of life."

Sounds pretty interesting, but in a society that prides itself on being bolder and better each year, the price of this simple tradition has taken a pinch at people's pockets. 

This brings us to a very fitting video that we came across on social media recently, watch it below courtesy of TikTok

@asaladabke Birthday on a budget🎉🤣 #arab #asaladabke #tiktokarab ♬ original sound - Asala Dabke

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Cakes from stores these days can retail from anywhere between R70 to R600+ and sometimes they are basic. When we say basic, we mean there isn't any detailing or special messages. 

But you find that people want to spoil their loved ones and are willing to pay the price. Then over and above store bought cakes, there are personalised cakes that start from R300 and go up to prices of over R1,000. 

We live in a time where we want to celebrate our loved ones and hold onto the happy times, but with these prices, do you think that birthday cakes have become too expensive? 

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