Girlfriend finds out that her boyfriend of five years is cheating on her over the radio!

Girlfriend finds out that her boyfriend of five years is cheating on her over the radio!

That's a horrible way of finding out you are being cheated on...

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Being a victim of cheating is never something we would wish on anyone. It can really put a person down an awful path. 

And can make you question everything in your relationship. Especially if the person has been with you in a long-term relationship. 

The breaking of trust and everything else that you worked towards all comes crashing down. Now imagine finding out on a public platform, something as public as radio?

A woman who contacted her local radio station in Auckland, New Zealand, shared her suspicions with the hosts Sharyn and Jayden from 'The Edge' show. 

Sharyn contacted the girlfriend and told her that they have devised a plan of finding out if her suspicions are in fact true or false. 

But before embarking on this live scripted 'cheater' discovery call, Sharyn asked the girlfriend if she is certain that she wants them to go ahead with this...

Sharyn tells her that her feelings and mental wellness are more important than doing this on live air. 

The girlfriend goes on to say she wants them to continue with the call. And as Sharyn embarks on the conversation with the boyfriend on-air, the discovery is made that he is in fact cheating with a co-worker. 

Sharyn cannot contain her anger and eventually reveals that she knows he has a girlfriend of five years and blatantly asks him if he plans to share his 'birthday' plans with the cheating co-worker with his girlfriend...

He becomes uncomfortable realising that he is in fact caught out and ends the call.

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Sadly, the girlfriend heard all of this and is brought back on-air to chat with Sharyn and Jayden. 

She is heartbroken but reveals that she knew something was not right. And although she is glad to know now, it is really that much more difficult hearing it all come out in the open like this...

WATCH the video footage of the presenters making the call. Courtesy of YouTube

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